Chases of 2008

13 May    
22 May Manged to get out of a day shift at work on this day and make it out to northwest Kansas just in time to see a wonderful supercell travel almost due north near the towns of Grainfield and Hoxie which produced several tornadoes.
29 May Left work in Topeka, KS after a day shift and drove to north central Kansas. A couple of supercells had developed off the dry line and were moving into the region. The second of the supercells produced several tornadoes around Glenn Elder, KS.
7 June Was on mids on this day. The main severe weather threat was expected to be in Northern IA, but thought I would head out to the tail end of the front in north central Kansas and see if I could get lucky. A wonderful supercell developed and produced two tornadoes at the same time near the town of Downs, KS.
16 June This was the start of a mini chase vacation for Barb and I, but with nothing to chase, and historic flooding occuring in central and eastern Iowa we decided to make the day trip over to take a look. The flooding was quiet impressive.
17 June    
18 June    
19 June