Chases of 2009

28 March 2009. Marginally severe ice storm over Lawrence, KS. Just went out behind my house and took a few pictures of the ice in the trees. Not convective weather, but it was really pretty on that Saturday.
15 May 2009. Barb and Josh chased in and around eastern Kansas on this moderate risk day. Left Omaha by mid morning and after driving through some quarter size hail from elevated storms around St Joseph, MO, arrived in Lawrence around 2 pm. Met up with Scott Blair and Derek Deroche for a time, and then headed south to near the Ottawa, KS area. Outflow boundary kept sinking south and storms were being undercut quickly by the low level cold air. Ending the day meeting up with Chris Lenz and his friend Jeff for a nice dinner at Applebees in Ottawa.
26 May 2009. The chase vacation had been going for several days now, but with nothing to chase with the record setting lack of severe weather in May. We finally decided we would just head to where there was any kind of marginal chance of severe weather, which on May 26 was in north central Texas.
27 May 2009. The chase on this day brought us to deep southwest Texas. To areas I have never been before around the Davis Mountains. Very pretty area. Although the storms weren't great, we stayed in the nice town of Alpine with a good dinner and some good times in the room.
28 May 2009. Instead of playing deep southwest Texas again, we decided to head a little farther north to around the Midland, TX area where more widespread convection was expected. Again, storms were multi-celled and high-based, but it was fun.
29 May 2009. After making the long trip from the OKalhoma panhandle to western Nebraska, we were finally treated to a roating storm. No tornado as the storms were again very high-based, but at least some organization.
9 June 2009. I chased with VORTEX2 on this day in southwest Kansas. A supercell developed near Dodge City and moved to just east of Greensburg, KS. Although non-tornadic, the storm displayed strong supercell characterics and went through interesting evolutions.
10 June 2009. I chased with VORTEX2 on this day in southwest Kansas near the town of Sublette. Storms were initially high based, but as storms became more organized as they moved off the high Plains into deeper moisture they became more organized.
15 June, 2009. Barb and I chased a storm over southern Nebraska to the southeast of Hastings, NE. We originally dropped to far south into northern Kansas before retreating northward wtih the development of the Hastings, NE storm, but arrived to late to observe the sole tornado.
17 June 2009. A favorable set-up for supercells across central Nebraska finally paid off. Barb and I chased a supercell from northwest of Kearney, NE to near Aurora, NE while observing 6 tornadoes. The storm generally moved west to east along and just north of Interstate 80.