Chases of 2010

15 January hoar frost Omaha area hoar frost event
6 April Grinnell, Iowa supercell
23 April Omaha, NE area of convection.
10 May Red Rock, OK Supercell
19 May Kingfisher, OK Supercell, Tornado
29 May Grant, NE Thunderstorms (null event, but my chase car did turn over to 350,000 miles!)
1 June York to Lincoln, NE Thunderstorms (only 1 picture). Storms quickly become outflow dominant very quickly and I called it a day early.
3 June Spencer, NE Supercell
4 June   South-Central, NE Bust
5 June

Elmwood, IL Supercell, Tornadoes (Best chase day of the year)

7 June Scottsbluff, NE Supercell
8 June   Eastern CO Bust
9 June   Northeast CO Bust
10 June Last Chance, CO Supercell, Tornadoes
11 June Limon, CO Supercell, Possible tornado
12 June   Oklahoma Panhandle Bust
13 June Slapout, OK Supercell, Tornado
14 June Elkhorn River Flooding