Chases of 2011

March 22 Tornado near Creston, IA at 513 pm CDT. This was my first March tornado ever, and my first tornado in the state of Iowa since April 11, 2001.
April 9 Large tornadoes in northwest Iowa. Chased with Scott and Jenn Nicholson on this day. The torandoes we intercepted were nocturnal. The pictures included are screen caputures from Scott's video.
May 5 Chased a cold-core set-up in in central Nebraska on this day. Saw one landspout tornado from a good distance away near Aurora, NE. Otherwise there was copious amounts of large hail observed on this day.
May 21 This was the first day of our chase vacation and we weren't expecting much, but thought we would see if we could find a storm in eastern Kansas. A wonderful supercell developed southwest of Topeka which produced occasionally short-lived tornadoes as the storm moved across northeast Kansas.
May 22 We choose to chase in eastern Iowa on this day. A broken line of supercells developed by mid afternoon. We choose the southern of the two main supercells. The storm produced one short-lived tornado before transitioning to an HP type storm. We briefly chased one additional storm near Iowa City that looked promsing, but called it a night well before dark.
May 24 Although a significant amount of errors were made on this chase, we were able to view a large wedge tornado near the town of Lookeba, OK. The tornado was very long track and rated EF5.
May 25 Since we were already near the area, and we were on vacation, we choose to chase a high risk day in eastern Arkansas which is an area we had been in before, but never chased. We chased several supercells along a broken line with a couple of funnels, but no tornadoes on this day. Ended the day in Memphis, TN.
May 29 This was the last day of the chase vacation and it looked pretty marginal. We decided to check out some of the Missouri River flooding over eastern Nebraska. While out the severe threat seemed to improve and we noted a storm developing near Lincoln, NE. Although the storm significantly struggled, it was a very cool dissipation.
Jun 26 We didn't chase on this day due to work obligations, but did manage to sneek outside once the storms passed the Weather Service to snap a cople pictures of the mammatus clouds.