Chases of 2012

  June 17  
  June 15  
  June 13  
June 12 Jared Leighton and I chased a wonderful supercell that developed near Fort Summer, NM to near Clovis, NM. Altough the supercell never produced a tornado while we were observing, it did have wonderful structure through the evening as it moved slowly to the southeast. Here is a link to the youtube video of the storm.
  May 30  
  May 29  
  May 27  
May 25 Barb and I chased 3 amazing supercells across west central Kansas. The final of the 3 supercells was a long-lived supercell that produced several tornadoes from just west to northeast of the town of La Crosse, Kansas.
May 23 Barb and I chased in eastern Colorado. There was limited moisture, but strong shear. The storms that developed were very high based, but produced a nice light show and gusty winds.
  May 5  
May 4 Chased a non-tornadic supercell in central Nebraska near the town of Ord. The supercell displayed HP characteristics and moved to the southeast around 10-15 mph. This along with the setting sun allowed for a very pretty setting.
  April 27